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We’ve worked with a broad spectrum of clients to devise a plan to achieve the business’s overarching goals in the most efficient manner. We are problem-solvers focused on improving an organization’s practices through expert advice in the technology innovation space.


• Designed, developed and implemented test plans, user documentation and completing projects on schedule
• Developing and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all processes and recommended process improvements
• Answer product questions, provide use-case scenarios
• Assisting government in IT data calls, management inquiries, and reporting
• Evaluating potential software solutions, including off-the-shelf and open source components, and their system architecture to ensure that they meet business requirements
• Gathering critical information from meetings with various stakeholders and producing useful reports and metrics
• Working with Government leads on deployment efforts for a new supply chain software.
• Maintaining process repository using MS Teams, SharePoint and JIRA.


• Modified custom SharePoint InfoPath forms for intranet applications
• Hands on experience to create Out of the Box solutions which includes creating and customizing site Collections, sites, Document Libraries, Lists, Views, Content Types and Web Parts
• Customized and designed SharePoint online intranet sites using SharePoint provisioning services
• Combined expertise in strategic planning with strong technical qualifications. Strength in developing projects planning, tracking and reporting strategies.
• Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the AGILE team on the redesign of the Access databases to Oracle web-based system.
• Proven qualifications in data modeling, analyzing requirements, planning, designing and implementing innovative database solutions that meet or exceed challenging business needs.


• Administer encryption of devices on the network via McAfee Administrator Console(ePO), ensuring systems are properly added to the server to allow group policy to enforce encryption
• Reviewing encryption logs to locate and eliminate vulnerabilities
• Scanning systems to ensure viruses, malware and worms did not infect the network
• Troubleshoot McAfee Endpoint encryption and active client login when systems were not encrypting properly
• Evaluated McAfee Endpoint Encryption on each computer system deployed on the network through the McAfee ePO console.
• Updated McAfee Endpoint Encryption software version in ePO on systems on the network
• Active Directory Administrator; manage user account and permissions
• Deployment of approved software through SCCM
• Check Windows logs when installing software over the network to verify packages have been received.
• Investigation through PowerShell scripts to find and troubleshoot software installation malfunctions
• Troubleshoot SCCM Software pushing issues, verifying server connection issues or hardware issues.
• Responsible for identifying problem areas
• IBM Maas360 Administrator; Adding/removing devices, troubleshooting, managing access via Active Directory group membership and Maas360 Admin Console.


Serve as spokesperson for Tier II when meeting with upper management
• Liaison for all blackberry related problems between government and Tier II
• Ticketing and documenting in Remedy ticketing system
• Create daily and weekly reports for tickets opened and completed
• Provide technical support and training for XP, Vista, 7, 2000 Operating Systems, Microsoft Office 2000 suite, Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013
• Provided technical support and training for Microsoft Office 365
• Troubleshoot GuardianEdge/Symantec Endpoint encryption and active client login
• Provide remote and desk-side support for all software and hardware issues
• Maintain, install and troubleshoot proprietary and COTS software
• Maintain, install and troubleshoot hardware
• Prepare and set up laptops and desktops for customer use
• Active Directory Administrator
• Provide support for IPhone, blackberries and all other PDA’s  Configure and troubleshoot apple products and iCloud issues.
• Blackberry Server Administrator
• OS Imaging
• Computer moves

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